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Welcome to Product Movers!

Product Movers is a part of Synergistic Marketing, an activation media company, headquartered in New York City - with offices in LA, Chicago and Atlanta.  We also spend a lot of time in Bentonville, AR and Minneapolis, MN.

For years, we’ve been a leader and innovator in delivering brand advertising with promotional offers and coupons. In fact, we now deliver more than 1 Billion coupons a year and growing quickly! 

How do we do it?  By working with leading publishers, magazines and media brands to target high value HHs and deliver your brand’s promotional advertising and offers to shoppers early in the pathway to purchase, when they are in the mindset to learn about products such as yours.

Our Freestanding Magazine Outsert™ is polybagged on the outside of subscription copies of leading women’s magazines covering a broad range of interests. Our Targeted Lifestyle Programs are attention-getting booklets delivered as an Outsert with magazines focusing on verticals such as Millennial Women, Young Families, Everyday Living and Food & Entertaining. Our shopper marketing programs, Walmart® andTarget® reach valuable HHs by being directly delivered to subscribers’ homes within key trading areas of the store. 

Our programs are popular with hundreds of top advertisers for one simple reason: they work!

Product Movers programs have been proven to drive volume and HH penetration increases for all types of products, with higher ad readership scores and higher redemption rates than competitive delivery vehicles. 

We already work with many of the brands you know. Take a look at our unique programs, and let’s see how we can work for you!


Randy Aversano

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