Product Movement

Find out why we’re so sure brands Move More Product with Product Movers!

Freestanding Magazine Outsert Study

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Through a proprietary study by Nielsen Catalina Solutions, we measured impact of brand participation in our Freestanding Magazine Outsert across a number of key measures - brand volume, HH penetration, quality of brand buyers and more! Brands studied saw volume lifts up to 10% and HH penetration increase over 11%. PLUS, coupon redemption for participating brands averaged 2x their FSI redemption rates!

Starch Readership Studies

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GfK MRI custom ad readership studies are regularly conducted on our Product Movers programs. Ads run in Product Movers Magazine Outserts and Inserts consistently out perform on-page magazine ads across all readership measures. Ask us about YOUR brand’s ad – we have a library of readership results for many print ads!

Meredith Sales Guarantee

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Meredith Publishing partnered with the Nielsen Company becoming the first-ever magazine publisher to quantify the incremental sales impact of magazine advertising on consumer brands. Given Product Movers proven superior ad readership, participation in our programs benefits from similar impact on brand volume.

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