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Product Movement

Product Movers Moves Product!

We reach consumers at the very moment they open their favorite magazine - when they're in a mind-set to learn about brands exactly like yours.

Freestanding Magazine Outsert Study

Through a proprietary study by Nielsen Catalina Solutions, we measured impact of brand participation in our Freestanding Magazine Outsert across a number of key measures - brand volume, HH penetration, quality of brand buyers and more! Brands studied saw volume lifts up to 10% and HH penetration increase over 11%. PLUS, coupon redemption for participating brands averaged 2x their FSI redemption rates!

Starch Readership Studies

GfK MRI custom ad readership studies are regularly conducted on our Product Movers programs. Ads run in Product Movers Magazine Outserts and Inserts consistently out perform on-page magazine ads across all readership measures. Ask us about YOUR brand’s ad – we have a library of readership results for many print ads!

Print Magazine Sales Guarantee

The magazine media Print Magazine Sales Guarantee is an industry-wide guarantee of advertising performance, a first for any industry. With this bold new initiative, magazine media puts its money where its mouth is, elevating its accountability and promising that advertising in print magazines will increase an advertiser’s brand sales and provide a positive ROI for all qualified print magazine investments.

Through The MPA Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report, we have been able to prove that magazine media audiences are growing—and growing fast across all print and digital platforms reflecting the resonance of magazine brands for consumers throughout the content ecosystem. The empirical research and extensive impact studies have proved countless times and in myriad ways that advertising in a print magazine, by virtue of its tangibility, permanence and singular ability to engage consumers without distraction, plays a unique role and has a unique value in any multiplatform advertising buy.

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